Casa Morra

Archivi d’Arte Contemporanea

The 100 years programme

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Archivi d’Arte Contemporanea

Il gioco dell’oca - 100 anni di mostre

CASA MORRA – Archivi d’Arte Contemporanea

Il Gioco dell’Oca – 100 anni di mostre

Casa Morra is the museum space area created by Giuseppe Morra in Palazzo Cassano Ayerbo D’Aragona in Naples, a 4,200-square-metre complex that will gradually be rennovated to house the extensive Morra collection comprising over 2,000 works presented by theme and focusing on individual artists. It will be a journey through the history of contemporary art and fundamental movements such as Gutai, Happening, Fluxus, Viennese Actionism, Living Theatre, and Visual Poetry up to the most advanced research in Italy and abroad.

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Casa Morra Residence

In line with its mission as a space open to ideas and artistic experimentation, Casa Morra hosts residencies for artists and Erasmus students of art, art history, and the humanities.

The residency for artists, usually of short duration, reflects a desire to support young artists, who are asked to develop projects related to the Neapolitan area. These projects are often proposed by curators and cultural institutions such as the Goethe-Institut, which has been actively working in the cultural sector for several years and is the main partner in the residency scheme.

The residency for Erasmus students, lasting at least three months, enhances and enriches the research centre that Casa Morra seeks to become. The Naples Academy of Fine Arts organises specific courses for Erasmus students, providing training and direct experience in the field of art and culture, in which they can be fully immersed at Casa Morra.